Transom Windows

Transom Windows USA provides windows both of transom type and virtually every other window out there with precision, but we do specialize in the unique transom window.  Transom windows have been used in the past as very unique architectual design and have been very common throughout history.  They are sough after for their flexibility of design and if used correctly have multiple applications including the ability to provide light in unique spaces, ventilation in places that would otherwise have none and of course a very unique visual appeal.

In many buildings of yesteryear windows would be located high up in a room that helped promote air ciculation allowing warm air to circulate to what would otherwise be closed off spaeces.  It was useful in winter as well in summer by promoting the appropriate air flow.  They also would perform another unique duty by channeling light onto locations that were previously not lit.

Transom Window Example

transom windowsOf course one of transom windows greatest appeals is its use for the aesthetic purposes.  These windows would be found in grand houses, hotels and other storied buildings with intricate designs of stained glass or very elaborate patterns of wood.  They were known for displaying an air of both wealth and stature.  This is because it was widely known that these windows were costly and time consuming to build and install.

Fortunately, in our modern age with our current technology transom windows can be had for a very affordable price and allow you to add beauty and unique architecture to your home for a only a modest cost.  They can be used to help define and separate spaces and provide individuality to a home or particular room with relative ease.  One newly popular trend is to have these windows installed above the openings between the various rooms in your house.  It helps create a sense of openness and continuity that is lacking with a simple wall separation.

Transom windows can come in a wide variety of shapes and patterns that can be custom build to your specifications.  They can enhance the mood of a room easily or perhaps creat dazzling effects either through beveled or stained class.  Proprietary patterns are easily custom made to your particular tastes and we have interior designers and an architect on our staff to ensure you receive the maximum benefit for your investment.

Fortunately, there are many shapes and sizes that are available on a quick ship basis if you are in a time crunch.  If you are building a tract of houses or a larger building there are volume discounts that are available as well especially in the patterns and sizes that are available right now.  Transom windows can enhance the value of your home or building so why not consider installing one of them today.