Jalousie Windows

July 25, 2013

Design that incorporates function without jeopardizing style is always a hit irrespective of the niche. This is what Jalousie windows design has continually afforded those in the architectural business. Although records show that Jalousie windows were in use during the early 1900s, with a patent application filed in 1901 by Joseph W. Walker, they became more popular in the mid 1950s. There is also information that cites Van Ellis Huff as the inventor of Jalousie windows, an engineer and a graduate of the University of Florida, who was influenced and inspired by wooden slat windows he had seen during his stay in the Bahamas.

Uses of Jalousie Windows

Jalousie windows were mainly used in the warmer regions such as Florida, Southern California, and tropical climates long before the wide use of air conditioning. This slatted window design consisting of overlapping glass, wooden and sometimes acrylics presents a unique airflow control system that offers good ventilation. In modern architecture, Jalousie windows are still widely and commonly used on porch windows, sunrooms and in mobile homes. Regions with mild winter weather are more suited for these slatted window designs as it is very hard to seal or winterize them for energy conservation purposes.

Pros of using Jalousie Windows
• Ventilation options
They offer a reliable ventilation option in the cases where air conditioning is being sparingly used. Since the slats can be opened and closed with ease to regulate airflow in the house, Jalousie windows are a good alternative to regular window designs when it comes to their use in warm regions. They not only help keep the house cooler in the heat and rain, but also allow freshness and cleanliness of air circulation within the house which is healthy.

• Design options
Jalousie windows come in a wide range of designs which makes them a versatile choice for use in different rooms within the home. They are also available in different textures and colors, adding an aesthetic aspect to them without compromising function.

• Privacy options
The fact that Jalousie windows open and close at different angles, they allow you to be able to adjust settings for privacy while still enjoying their ventilation benefits especially when used in the bathroom, keeping steam at bay and any potential peeping toms away!

• Easy Repair and installation options
Since Jalousie windows are made up of individual slats it makes it easier to repair should a single slat become damaged or broken therefore saving you the hassle and expense of replacing a whole window. This is the end save you some bucks. Jalousie window parts are readily available in the market. Also a notable benefit is that Jalousie windows are easy to instal.

• Awesome wider view
Slatted windows can be installed in a wider area of your house for a better view of the outdoors and in the process bringing in more light into the house. For those who love natural light, Jalousie windows are a great choice!

Cons of using Jalousie Windows
• A compromise in security
Slatted window design does not offer much of security for your home since an intruder can take apart the slats to gain access to your home. Warmer climates are also breeding zones for slithering snakes among other creatures that are likely to gain access to your home in search of cooler accomodation.

• Not a good option for cold seasons
It is very difficult to winterize a house with Jalousie windows. The slatted design makes it very hard to successfully use sealing tactics of any kind and therefore a big no no for severe winter prone zones. Also during extreme heat, when air conditioning is a necessity, slatted windows are not great choice.

Jalousie Windows Manufacturers

– Milgard Manufacturing Inc.
– Breezway
– Tafco Corporation
– Winstrom Manufacturing
– The Burch Company
– Ply Gem
– International Window Corporation


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