Triple Pane Windows Vs Double Pane Windows

June 5, 2013

When deciding on new windows for your house there are many factors to consider, but one of the main ones will be whether you are going to go with triple pane windows or simply double pane windows.  If anyone tries to sell you single pane windows you should run away from them as fast as you can.  Single pane windows are very energy inefficient and shouldn’t be installed new.  In fact if you have single pane windows then that would be an excellent reason to upgrade.

First, the advantages of the triple pane window is essentially going to be more insulation.  You will have one more piece of glass and some more air or in many gases argon or xenon gas in between you and the outside.  This provides more insulation from extreme temperatures.  However, triple pane windows are better suited for cold climates as opposed to warm ones in terms of their cost effectiveness.  Why?  Because in cold climates insulation to keep out the cold is paramount and heat is usually expensive during the winter.  With a triple pane window installation the innermost glass will be close to room temperature.  The thermal conductivity will be way down.  However, while the same can be said for hot climates the more important factor will be keeping sunlight out of the home.  This is especially true in the summertime and in fact APS recommends that homeowners should not spend extra money on triple pane windows.  What is more important is getting Low E windows which if you get triple coated windows can reflect up to 80% of direct sunlight thereby keeping out the majority of the heat from your house yet still having a nice lit feel.  APS is the power company in southern Arizona the hottest part of the nation.

There are some disadvantages to triple pane windows being installed.  One of them is there size and bulk.  They have an extra pane of glass and are hence a bit heavier.  Your house frame may not be able to support that kind of a window.  Also, they are thicker so you must make sure your window frames can accommodate them.  That being said you also must take into account where your blinds are for if they take up part of the depth of the window opening you might end up replacing your blinds too.   Be wary of salesman touting triple pane windows in very warm climates as they are likely just making more money off of you.

Once you decide on the triple pane windows vs double pane windows question you will have to further decide who to have install the windows, which brand to purchase etc.  The brand is somewhat important, but more important are the materials used.  Do you want a vinyl window or perhaps a newer fibrex material like the anderson 100 window or maybe wood windows which are the most expensive.  No matter what you choose triple pane windows or double pane windows more than likely you will be happy that you upgraded your windows from your currently installed ones.

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